Farewell doesn’t mean Goodbye – alas.

Tonight President Obama will say goodbye.  Again.  He’ll be pushing down emotions that may interfere with a smooth read of the prompter. Emotions like anger, resentment, frustration and fear.  Fear of failure – well, let me be clear.  Fear that history will fail to place his legacy in its proper place.  There is the real likelihood that his legacy of political and legislative failures might actually eclipse the one that got him elected.  His race will become a boring footnote to the rest of it – the debt; the terrorism; the failed stimulus; the corruption; and the biggest theft of financial freedom from the private sector in two centuries.

I’ll spare myself tonight’s last long lecture and instead, offer one of my own to the departing gentleman and the bitter misery he married.

  1. Repetition doesn’t equal truth.
  2. Facts don’t even equal truth.
  3. If you dislike someone, rest assured they can tell – and in every case, the feeling is mutual
  4. If you think  you’re the smartest guy in the room, it’s because you’re terrified you’ll be discovered to be precisely the opposite.
  5. We can all be arrogant, ignorant, or condescending at some point in our lives.  But you were all 3 of those things, all the time.  Eventually, something’s gotta give.
  6. Someone can say they’ve got your back at the same time they’re stabbing you in it.
  7. Frightened people will give up a lot of freedom for a little reassurance.
  8. You took away two of the most important things in my life:  My ability to control the health care I provide for my family, and my involvement in my children’s’ education. I believe this was intentional.  I will never forgive you for it.

If I live to be 100, I will tell the story of this administration.  I will tell my kids how a single man, along with a cadre of sycophantic ideologues, changed the very culture of our country from one of proud independence to one of brazen entitlement.  I’ll explain how journalism ceased to exist, and how the normal legislative function of checks and balances failed in the face of an omnipotent narrative of racism from the Executive Branch.  I’ll tell them how close we came to failing as a democracy, and point to the many signs of damage that will linger for generations to come.

So tonight, the television screen will be dark while you speak, because after 8 long years I no longer have to listen.


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