Conservatives Must Fight Their Instincts

It’s the instinct of a conservative to get busy with the business of living; family, business, work, etc.

It’s the instinct of a liberal to organize; protest, boycott, ridicule, label, isolate, disrupt, isolate, etc.

In the post-election weeks, instincts have once again taken over both sides.  It’s tempting to dismiss the protesters, weeping students, melting celebrities, rude actors.  But we do so at our peril.

Conservatives – keep your BS radar sharp; continue to call out the absurd, the offensive, the un-informed.   Our values preclude the creation of web sites meant for reporting “fake news” to the government (which is something the Obama administration actually did in order to suppress dissent against its healthcare agenda):  But using other free methods like social media, petitions, expressing our POV to our local and state representatives, etc. we must publicly declare that we are offended and feel victimized unfairly by the hateful speech and destructive behavior of the left.

Journalists, pundits, media “personalities” are pushing a story to millions of liberals who are swallowing in big gulps.  Their pre-disposition to a weak(er) ideology prevents them from scratching the surface, terrified they will find that the media are manipulating them, feeding them half-truths or none at all.  The call to organize, destroy, and lecture us may gain ground with organized help from the likes of George Soros.  But it would be travesty if it moved on because we stepped aside and left the path clear.


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