Planned Parenthood is Unique in Only Two Ways

Revealing All You Need to Know About its Supporters

Planned Parenthood has been on defense for years now, with the explicit and immeasurable support of the Obama administration. As Cecile Richards proved in her Congressional appearance, the practice has paid off. While she parsed her answers with the precision of a Ginzu knife, she displayed a barely disguised level of disgust for her interrogators worthy of high level Kabuki theatre. Her testimony was like a Disney movie – manufactured drama, detached from reality, predictable ending.

We now have a public dossier of events, occurring over a period of years and in a variety of locations, to digest in the wake of the hyperbole. It’s clear there will be no repercussions for Planned Parenthood. As with the IRS, VA, and Benghazi hearings, we heard suspicious if not downright criminal testimony followed by the infuriating non sequiteurs of ‘early retirement’ in the case of Lois Lerner, or a Presidential candidacy announcement in the case of Benghazi.

I keep returning to the vitriolic talking points from Planned Parenthood supporters, so typical of liberal attacks, which is to invent a conclusion to suit a narrative when no such conclusion is evidenced. Examples: If one disagrees with Obama, then s/he is a racist; if one opposes higher taxes, then s/he is corrupt and unpatriotic; if one opposes illegal immigration, then s/he is not only racist but a child hater. So now, if you object to taxpayers funding gender-based abortions, and harvesting of fetal body parts to sell, you are part of the (also invented) War on Women.

The fact is, everything Planned Parenthood does can be or already is being done by other entities, except for two things. Two things which are indisputable, so simple and at the same time so revealing in the context of those who continue to support the organization so vehemently.

  1. Money Laundering — Planned Parenthood is a major source of campaign funds for Democrats, and the DNC. It contributes millions to politicians and political causes, exclusively Democrat based, while accepting taxes from Republicans and Independents.
  2. Supplier of Scale — in the business of wholesale fetal tissue, organs and limbs, no single entity can match Planned Parenthood’s volume and distribution coverage.

Everything else Planned Parenthood does – with the notable exception of mammograms, which it turns out they do NOT – is already being offered by hospitals, doctors, urgent care and local clinics – and could easily be replicated to ensure geographic coverage where needed.

The “War on Women” is the magician’s sleight of hand, the one the right just can’t seem to get ahead of.

The real talking point is instead, “If you support continued funding of Planned Parenthood, then you’re for the kind of backhanded sleazy fundraising that Obama promised to eliminate, as well as the wholesale butchering of baby parts for money.” The only inexplicable question remaining is why Conservatives can’t for once own Offense on this issue when facts, morality and public opinion are all on their side.



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