The fragility of friendships

OK, here’s a little story, my humble allegory to friendship:

My best friend and I practically grew up together. We knew each other’s secrets, and kept them. If someone dared mess with one, the other would stand up and together stare down the bully. We trusted each other implicitly and thought nothing of it, it was as natural to us as breathing. I knew how lucky I was to have a friend like her, but I also took for granted that things would never change. But then, suddenly, she did change. She stopped returning my calls. She started bad-mouthing me in public. She made me feel unwelcome in her home, and embarrassed me repeatedly in front of my family and casual observers. Her own family and friends seemed indifferent to her behavior, never reminding her of our long and deep friendship, or chiding her for humiliating me. As for me, I learned a painful lesson. Even a stone fortress can topple in an instant. Even an ironclad friendship can crumble if one side wants it to. I will always consider her my friend, but I will never trust her like I did before. I’ll never take anything she says without first considering her angle, or agenda, nor will I ever let myself become so indebted to, or dependent, on another for strength and support.

P.S. The “I” in my story is Israel/Britain/Germany/Japan/Canada. The friend is America. When people say that this President hasn’t done anything, I have to laugh out loud. He has done and un-done more than we are ever likely to know about.


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