A chicken in every pot has become Uncle Sam up your nose

In the 1920’s, the GOP adapted a message of aspiration and optimism, coining the phrase “A chicken in every pot, and a car in every garage”. A century later, thanks to the slow and steady submission of our individual rights to the government, we now have a message of suspicion, control, and guilt. We have a thermostat in every home, mercury in every lightbulb and a spy in every car. The latter was (yet) another one of President Obama’s proclamations, made in December 2012 without a debate, a peep, or a vote from Congress. It is difficult to imagine the uphill battle of the average citizen when there is so much damage being done that isn’t even getting media coverage. But one must remember the challenges faced by the founders of the country, before there was television, Internet, text messaging, and even telephone. Somehow they resisted and won. We owe them at least the same effort. http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/feds-black-boxes-cars-tracking/story?id=17918850


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