Sequestration: intended as a bluff, but now a welcome gift

Here is another outline of what’s really going on with Sequestration, or “Doomsday” as you are expected to believe.

1. It amounts to 2 cents of each dollar the govt. spends. Anyone who has less than 5% of fat in their budget was irresponsible to begin with. It won’t be missed, except that Defense has already been beheaded and partially skinned – this may just finish it off. Which is kinda funny, since defense of homeland is one of the ONLY things the Constitution requires the federal govt. to do.

2. It’s also NOT a CUT in spending. It’s a cut in the GROWTH RATE of spending. So instead of spending $100 more, we’ll spend only $98 more. But we’re still spending more, so whatsamatta?

3. After the POTUS told us that our water will go toxic, air travel time will double, and our children will be uneducated idiots, I thought (facetiously) the GOP would pose in front of first responders to tell us they can’t save us from dirty bombs, nuke attacks, or cyber terrorism. But like a SNL parody, Janet Napolitano actually did it.

4. The whole idea came from the WH. To coin a phrase – “Let me be clear” – the idea of sequestration, across the board spending cuts, was the WH proposal. But to listen to the media, the whole thing was cooked up by the evil Republicans, who control but 1/2 of 1 branch of this whole coconut tree.

5. Throughout this entire period of PR ping pong, POTUS hasn’t called a meeting with Boehner, nor has he met with him on this topic. Instead, they are meeting today to discuss … what now? Immigration.

All the WH sputtering about Sequestration is fake-outrage, and so will all the public pouting about raising the debt ceiling next month. If the Republicans can be blamed for “obstruction”, then the Democrats have a shot at getting back control of the Senate in 2014. That is the end game, at least for now.

The last word is GRIDLOCK. It’s a legitimate and intentionally-created tool for a democracy. And right now, it’s a good thing IMHO. I hope it lasts for 2 more years.


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